Our menu

  • (T24/Java) software development and customizations,
  • support and maintenance activities,
  • as is and to be architecture analysis and proposals,
  • gaps identification (most often in workshops formula),
  • end to end data migration (including data cleansing, transformation, loading and financial/non-financial reconciliation),
  • Transact / T24 upgrade,
  • ops to devops transformation (including CI/CD setup),
  • external systems integration,
  • Temenos Transact / Temenos T24 product parametrization,
  • technical and (selected) business trainings.
We do not focus on testing per se, but we can share our experiences in Temenos Transact / Temenos T24 testing area. We have participated in performance and capacity testing (next to sizing activities).

Core Banking Development Services

Software development is our daily bread. We love to design and implement working and performant solutions for Temenos Transact / Temenos T24 using OpenSource components.
We are good at gaps analysis and changes identification. Normally we try to keep your project scope limited by defining Minimum Viable Products or discovering Quick Wins. We push implementation projects towards simplicity. We deliver maintainable, quality and documented solutions. We know Java and we try to improve our OOP skills regularly. We are in love with TDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, DDD and many more fancy shortcuts.
We can adapt to your software development methodology - be it Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, XP, but we can have our own proposal too.

Core Banking Support Services

Support is NOT something that we are really interested in. We like it for one reason however - it gives us REAL feedback about delivered solutions. We sometimes miss this feedback as we simply handover software and can not observe it working LIVE under REAL conditions.
We will share our knowledge and best practices to improve your Temenos Transact operators confidentiality about COB and Online operations. All in all it is your system and your business to "run the bank". We focus rather on "change the bank" activities, but we often acted successfully as 1st or 2nd line of support. Having deeper understanding of the system we have proposed ad-hoc workarounds to surprising LIVE situations.
You have many outsourcing options available for support and maintenance services (including Temenos Cloud), but we think you SHOULD build your team and GROW your skills. We can help you set trusted, monitored and measured Temenos Transact / Temenos T24 environment. We have integrated system with third party scheduling tools such as BMC Control-M in the past. Automatization is nice, because eliminates human factor risk, but we have observed that often it may lead to skills and knowledge degradation. Make your choices wisely and maintain documentation in clever way!

Data Migration Services

We know various data migration approaches pretty well. We have succeeded in phased and big-bang migrations. We were responsible for preparing approach and migration strategies. Data migration architecture, data mapping, migration or reconciliation rules are nothing new for us. We have played important role in financial and non-financial reconciliation in selected Temenos Transact / Temenos T24 areas.
Migration projects we took part were of relatively large scale. There is not much that scares us in the subject. Contact us if you think that your data migration/data conversion project faces troubles or input data quality is low. We faced some typical migration problems already and know possible solutions/trade-offs.

System Upgrades and Performance Tuning/Capacity Testing

Both activities are mostly technical, so we are simply good fit. Upgrade activities will often affect your business somehow, but based on our experience we can propose most suitable approach.

Technical and Business Trainings

We love to share our expertise, knowledge and learn from you. We think that each training session improves our skills or at least broadens our view. We like active participants and we do not prepare yet another presentation. We work on improving our presentation skills constantly.
We feel confident with technical aspects of the system and are strong in some Temenos Transact / Temenos T24 business areas.

Ready Meals

We strongly believe that each company without its own products is worth nothing. So here "they" are... Watch our evolution and expect more products!


t24DocGen is a deep Temenos Transact / Temenos T24 introspection tool. It will analyse your codebase and system parametrization giving you nice, navigable and searchable documentation site. Our tool is the response to often outdated documentation passed to us by our Transact / T24 customers. We trust no one ;-) and usually had to validate statements met in received documentation.
We think that we can convince you to our modern Transact / T24 documentation approach. Just give as chance to do it.


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